torsdag 25 oktober 2018

Thursday, October 25: Radio Nord Revival will soon be testing on SW and FM from the Waxholm Fortress

We will make a short test on SW today Thursday Oct. 25 before the regular transmissions start tomorrow Friday. Check out 5995 and 6035 kHz. You are welcome to comment in this blog how the reception is in your area.

Below our FM aerial on top of the tower at the Waxholm Fortress

Another view from the tower. You can actually see the city of Stockholm from the tower although it is several miles away so we hope to be able to reach our capital on FM 91,8 MHz. Photos by Tore Andersson, Radio Nord Revival's chief engineer on the Fortress.

söndag 21 oktober 2018

Radio Nord Revival back on the air again October 26-27!

It's now 2018 and Radio Nord Revival will be broadcasting from the Waxholm Fortress on October 26-27 in connection with a dramatic walk focusing on the year of 1962, arranged by the Waxholm Fortress Museum Radio Nord will play a part in this walk, broadcasting live from the good ship Constantia.

We will be broadcasting on SW, alternating between 5995 or 6035 kHz, using a power of maximum 500 W. In addition we will have a FM transmitter on 91,8 MHz using a maximum of 60 W. Both transmitters will be located on the fortress.

Reception reports are welcome to   You are also welcome to comment about the reception in this blog. Shoiuld you like a printed QSL card by post you can send your reception report plus return postage ($2 or 2 IRCs) to:

Ronny Forslund
Vita Huset
SE-17995 Svartsjö

On Saturday, October 27, a number of Radio Nord veterans will be joining us at the fortress. The museum will be closed during the day but if you happen to be in the neighbourhood you are welcome to join us, too. Boat transportation is available from Waxholm by Waxhomsbolaget. We expect to have a small exhibition of vintage studio equipment like that which was used by Radio Nord.

You may expect test transmissions earlier during the week.

torsdag 4 maj 2017

Radio Nord Revival från Jönköping 1593 kHz

Radio Nord Revival återuppstår.
Kommande helg är det dags för det Svenska DX-förbundets årliga parlament. Förra året höll man till på Södermalm i Stockholm. Den här gången är man i Jönköping. Liksom den gången återupplivar vi samtidigt Radio Nord Revival. Då man den här gången kommer att sända från parlamentet på mellanvåg 1593 kHz med omkring 250 watt. När man inte sänder direkt från parlamentet blir det Radio Nord Revival som kommer att höras emellanåt. 
 Mera info finns här
Redan nu testsänder via nätet av och till:

fredag 20 maj 2016

Radio Nord Revival on the air May 20-22

Radio Nord Revival is on the air during the period May 20-22 in connection with the DX Parliament arranged by the Swedish DX Federation. Our prime shortwave frequencies are: 3975 kHz (5 kW AM) and 6060 kHz (10 kW A3H). Alternative frequencies are 5930, 6105, 6180 and 9425 kHz. We are also broadcasting on FM 88.6 MHz over the Greater Stockholm area. During Saturday, May 21 there will be some live broadcasts from the DX Parliament.

tisdag 26 augusti 2014

End of streaming

Radio Nord Revivals direktsändningar avslutas nu.  Men våra program kan fortsatt  höras på flera radiostationer. Antingen via radion eller via Internet:

Radio Nord Revival live transmissions have now ended. But our programes can still  be heard on several radiostations:

Radio Merkus från Riga i Lettland onsdagar/wednesdays kl 21.00 CET på mellanvåg 1485 kHz.

Radio Lidingö onsdagar/wednesdays FM 97,8 MHz. Med repris söndagar/rerun sundays kl 21.00 CET.

Radio Sala  eftermiddag fredagar/fridays PM på FM 97,0 MHz.

Radio Wake Up i Falkenberg lördagar/saturdays 105,1 MHz.

Andra stationer som vill återutsända Radio Nord Revivals en-timmas program får gärna kontakta mig på
/If you represent a radio station and would like to carry the Radio Nord Revival programmes free of charge, please contact Göran Lindemark at

/ Göran Lindemark

söndag 24 augusti 2014

Worldwide reception of Radio Nord Revival

It seems like this time the conditions have been in our favour. Reception reports are coming in from all over the world. Some examples: USA, Japan, New Zealand, Malaysia, Egypt, Australia and most of Europe. Really impressing! As our QSL manager is off to the USA today, all reports will be verified in mid-September when he gets back. Reception reports can be sent to:

Ronny Forslund
Radio Nord Revival
Vita Huset
SE-17995 Svartsjo

Return postage ($ or IRC's) is much appreciated.

lördag 23 augusti 2014

Radio Nord Revival on 9295 kHz from 1900 UTC on August 23

After a long and great day of broadcasting from The Castle in Vaxholm, we have now returned home. But do try 9295 kHz which has just replaced 6065 kHz. Seems to be doing fine in England - anybody hearing us on the other side of the pond?