söndag 30 maj 2010

Radio Nord reunion on board the s/s S:t Erik

Yesterday, on Saturday May 29, we had the pleasure to see a number of Radio Nord veterans on board the S:t Erik. Many interviews were made and the Radio Nord news department was well represented, with former newsreaders Kjell Bergström, Seve Ungermark, Lars Branje and Lars Nestius attending. Also former receptionist Solveig Algeskär and technician Kenneth Agehed payed us a visit aand author Jan Kotschack presented his book Stick iväg, Jack, A great day with many memories. Here are a couple of video clips filmed by Ingemar Lindqvist during the day. Do visit Ingemar's website Radiohistoriska Arkivet where you will find lots of radio nostalgia, articles, rare programme recordings and more.

In this first clip you can see Seve Ungermark, Kjell Bergström, Lars Branje and Lars Nestius. Lars Branje also does a news broadcast.

The next interview is with Lars Branje.

Part two of this interview:

fredag 28 maj 2010

Radio Nord Revival is now broadcasting from the S:t Erik

We are now doing test transmissions on the web from the temporary radio ship s/s S:t Erik. Just go to http://www.streamerp2p.com/index.php?page=howtoinst.htm  , download the file installstreamer.exe and install it. It is freeware and just 350 kb big. Also, it contains no ads or spy wares. As you start the programme you will see a menu with a list of the available stations.Double-click on 'Radio Nord Revival' and soon you will hear the programme. You can mail us at radionordrevival@hotmail.com with your requests and comments. Tomorrow our transmissions will also be relayed by Skärgårdsradion 90.2  MHz.

This is Göran testing the equipment:

The former ice-breaker S:t Erik. Weather has been quite good today and tomorrow will be even better. If you're in the Stockholm area, come down and see us and take a good look at the museum ship at the same time. There is also a cafeteria on board so you can relax with a sandwich and a cup of coffee out on deck.

tisdag 25 maj 2010

Update: MW transmissions postponed

After talks with Södertörns Radioamatörer it has been decided to postpone the transmissions on MW 1584 kHz from the ship as some fire alarms earlier had been activated from the signal put out by the ham rigs. The plan is now to find another location for the MW transmitter and transfer the programmes either via HF link or the web from the s/s S:t Erik. We expect to make at least one test transmission before the regular programmes next summer. Meanwhile, we invite you all to listen in this weekend. You can listen to our webstream directly or via Skärgårdsradion 90.2.

onsdag 19 maj 2010

Radio Nord Revival testing from s/s S:t Erik May 28-30

We have now finally received the license for 1584 kHz from the Telecommunications Authorities, PTS. One thing, though: we do not yet know if we will be able to broadcast on medium wave during these days. This depends on if we can get the technical assistance needed to put out an AM signal on 1584. A transmitter has been promised but sofar we do not know if the necessary assistance will be available. We will let you know as soon as we do ourselves. Broadcasts will be made from the museum ship, the former icebreaker S:t Erik.

You will, however, be able to hear us on the web like our latest test transmissions and this time our programmes will also be relayed by Skärgårdsradion on FM 90.2 MHz covering the greater Stockholm area. We are awaiting decisions about relays from other stations who have shown interest in this project.

If you are in the Stockholm area this particular weekend and can come down to the ship which is moored near the Vasa Museum you can also meet a number of Radio Nord veterans who actually broadcast from the original ship, the m/v Bon Jour, in 1961-62. Sofar the following former members of the Radio Nord staff have confirmed they will be attending at various times during these days:

Lars Branje (newsman and DJ)
Solveig Allerstig (receptionist at the Radio Nord office)
Ove Sjöström (chief technician on board the Bon Jour) may be attending
Seve Ungermark (newsman)
Kenneth Agehed (radio technician on board the Bon Jour)
Kjell Bergström (newsman)
Björn-Fredrik Höijer (newsman)
Lars Nestius (newsman and DJ)
Sten Hedman (DJ)

Also, author Jan Kotschack, son of the legendary Radio Nord manager Jack S. Kotschack, will be attending to present his book about Radio Nord, Stick iväg, Jack. You can buy your own signed copy on board.

We hope to see as many of you as possible on May 28-30 at the museum ship S:t Erik for a weekend of pure radio nostalgia.

torsdag 6 maj 2010

Planned test transmissions for 2010

The project is slowly advancing. We just got a confirmation from the regulatory body Radio & TV-Verket that they have given us a license for using the name of Radio Nord Revival and that we are allowed to carry out test transmissions during the period May 28-31 2010 which is pretty soon! The next step is to get a temporary license from the Telecommunications Authority PTS for using the medium wave frequency 1584 kHz. We hope this will also come through. Further news as soon as we have anything to report.