söndag 29 maj 2011

Radio Nord Revival shifting to 9940 kHz

As all our 41 metre band frequencies are heavily disturbed by other stations we will be shifting to 9940 kHz at 2200 CET/SST (2000 UTC). Sofar this band has produced a quite modest signal but let us hope this will improve. Your reception comments are welcome as usual. The live transmissions from s/s S:t Erik have stopped so the programme is now running on autopilot.

We would also like to congratulate Herman Content of Gent, Belgium who won the Radio Nord DVD in  our draw. You will be receiving it in the post soon, Herman. Thank you all for submitting reception reports and keeping in touch this weekend.

Win a Radio Nord DVD!

 Now you can win a copy of the recently released documentary DVD about Radio Nord, produced by Johan Sköld. How? Just post a message in this blog and tell us how you are hearing us. We are on 603, 1512 and 7485 kHz. At 1700 CET/SST (1500 UTC)  we willdraw a name among all those who have submitted reception details and the winner will get a copy of this brand new Radio Nord DVD. We will be closing down today at 1800 CET/SST (1600 UTC).

Radio Nord Revival switching to 41 metres on SW

Good morning, dear radio friends. The dawn of a new radio day.... If you happen to be in Stockholm there is also a big vintage car parade at Djurgården close to where we are and there is a lot to see. It's still raining but let us pray for better weather son. Are there any anti-rain dances?

As for our SW transmissions, Bernt will switch over to 7485 kHz at 1000 CET/SNT (0800 UTC) and at the same time the SW antenna will be lowered a  bit. This is the same antenna that was used for 6060 kHz and still on the same altitude. It is possible that this has affected the radiation lobe on SW. Yesterday, listeners in central Sweden had great difficulties hearing us. Please monitor all three frequencies in the 41 mb and let us know whether any of the alternative frequencues are free. And do keep on posting your reception reports.Thanks, the Radio Nord Revival team.

lördag 28 maj 2011

Radio Nord Revival shifting frequency on SW

We have received reports that 7360 kHz  has been barely audible/inaudible in many parts of Sweden but is coming through well over larger distances. At 2000 CET/SST (1800 UTC) we will shift to one of the 31 mb frequencies. Could you please monitor the frequencies 9340, 9930 and 9940 kHz and comment in this blog whether any of these channel is free from interference in your area. We will be closing down for shifting antenna at about 1945 CET/SST (1745 UTC) and we will choose the frequency which looks best. After we have started broadcasting in the 31 mb we would appreciate reports of reception in your area. Please comment in the blog. Is there any difference in signal strength compared to 7360 kHz? Obviously propagation is quite disturbed at the moment.
Thank you for your support and keep listening! 73 from the Radio Nord Revival team.

fredag 27 maj 2011

Frequency schedule for Radio Nord Revival

It's raining in Stockholm today. A lot.... Anyway, today Friday during the morning we will be on the air on 1512 kHz from Kvarnberget and from Sala, the transmissions will start on 603 kHz around 1800 SST (1600 UTC). Preliminary SW schedule 1800-2000 SST on 7485 kHz and 2000-2200 SST on 9940 kHz. Please report in this blog how you are receiving us and if there is any interference from other stations. We will be able to change frequency at short notice if needed. Good listening!

torsdag 26 maj 2011

Update: No test transmissions from Kvarnberget tonight

Unfortunately OM Tore Anderson who was planning to run test transmissions on 1512 kHz tonight has been taken ill and has to see the doctor tomorrow. But another OM, Teemu, will start up the rig on Friday morning and live transmissions from s/s S:t Erik will start at 1100 SST (0900 UTC). The new arial at Kvarnberget was adjusted today and is working well. With an increased power of 2,5 kW we expect a better groundwave signal into Stockholm City. As for details about tests from Sala we expect further information tonight. Do join us tomorrow for our regular transmissions, won't you. 73 from the Radio Nord Revival team

onsdag 25 maj 2011

Basic programme schedule of Radio Nord Revival for the weekend May 27-29

Some specific programmes during the Radio Nord Revival weekend. We will be on the air 24/7 during the weekend of May 27-29 on MW 603 and 1512 kHz plus on SW at times which will be announced before regular transmissions start. Programmes are in Swedish unless otherwise noted and will contain lots of vintage Radio Nord-jingles and commercials, music from bygone years and recorded interviews with former Radio Nord staff. Also up-to-date newscasts will be heard every hour on the hour.

Friday, May 2711.00 - 18.00 Välkommen ombord (Welcome Aboard). Live from S/S Sankt Erik. 19.30 Topp 20 21.00 Favorit i repris. Original programme from Radio Nord.  23.00 Radio Nord story by Ingemar Lindqvist. ( English)

Saturday, May 28
00.00 Recently discovered over-air recording made on June 11, 1962 by OM Tore Larsson, Falköping. 04.00 Ron Baxley - Get together ( English) 07.00. Radion i Sverige när Radio Nord kom (Ingemar Lindkvist). 11.00 - 18.00 Välkommen ombord (Welcome Aboard). Live from S/S Sankt Erik. 12.00 Radio Nord veterans appearing. 19.30 Topp 20 21.00 Favorit i repris. Original programme from Radio Nord.  23.00 Jack Kotschack on WOR, New York (English).

Sunday, May 29

00.00 Radio Nord story by Ingemar Lindqvist. (English). 11.00 - 18.00 Välkommen ombord (Welcome aboard) . Live from S/S Sankt Erik. 19.30 Topp 20 21.00 Favorit i repris. Original programme from Radio Nord. 23.00 Radio Nord's final hour as broadcast on June 30, 1962 at the same time.

Please comment in our blog how you are receiving our signal. Reception reports can be sent to Ronny Forslund, Radio Nord Revival, Vita Huset, SE-17995 Svartsjö, Sweden and if you want a QSL card as verification please include some form of return postage.

You can also listen to us via web radio using one of these streams:





Radio Nord Revival shortwave frequencies approved

We have just received the following frequency allocations from the PTS:

41 metre band
7320 kHz: 08:00-11:00, 13:00-18:00

7360 kHz : 08:00-16:00

7485 kHz: 06:00-22:00

31 metre band
9340 kHz:  06:00-22:00

9930 kHz:  06:00-22:00

9940 kHz:  06:00-22:00

Times are Swedish Summer Time (SST/CET) which is UTC + 2. Power will be 10 kW and QTH is Sala, Sweden. These are frequencies available for use and an exact transmission schedule will be published prior to starting. Our sincere thanks to Ingemar Larsson of TERACOM for helping us with the frequency coordination.

torsdag 19 maj 2011

Former Radio Nord staff gathering at Radio Nord Revival weekend

The Radio Nord Revival weekend of May 27-29 is fast approaching and the following members of the Radio Nord staff have sofar confirmed that they will be attending the event on board the s/s S:t Erik:

Lars Branje, newsman and DJ
Seve Ungermark, newsman
Kjell Bergström, editor-in-chief
Björn F Höijer, editor-in-chief
Christina von Schrenk, Miss Radio Nord.
Nils Stertman, ordinary seaman on board the Bon Jour

Film producer Johan Sköld will also present his brand new documentary about Radio Nord and the film will be available for sale on board.

We are still trying to locate further members of the Radio Nord team and hopefully we will be able to add some names to the list soon. Live broadcasts with our guests from Radio Nord will start at 1200 Swedish local time/CET (1000 UTC/GMT).

Radio Lidingö have confirmed that they will relay Radio Nord Revival on May 27-29 each day at 1200-1500 Swedish time/CET. Their frequency is 97.8 MHz and they can also be heard on the web. We expect other stations to relay parts of our transmissions as well and we will publish details about such relays as soon as we get the information.

We will be on board the S:t Erik from 1000 Swedish time on Friday 27. Welcome to visit us and please help us to spread the message about Radio Nord Revival in any forum you like.

måndag 16 maj 2011

Radio Nord Revival soon on air on 603 kHz - the original Radio Nord channel!

We have now received permission for 2,5 kW on MW 1512 kHz from Kvarnberget (Stockholm) and also on the original Radio Nord channel, 603 kHz, from Sala (the same location as the shortwave transmitter). As for short wave the frequencies have not yet been determined but we will most likely be in the 41 and 31 metre band. SW frequencies will be announced as soon as they are cleared and power will be 10 kW. We will also be running a test towards North America in night time and hope you will be able to hear us over there. As usual you can also hear us on web radio, now with improved webstreams. On May 27 official transmissions will start from the former ice-breaker and museum ship s/s S:t Erik and there will be a lot of live transmissions from the ship. We are also planning a small Radio Nord exhibition on board and the plan is to build a studio with vintage equipment of the same type that was used by Radio Nord. Everybody is welcome to join us the weekend of  May 27-29 on board the S.t Erik!