lördag 30 juni 2012

Radio Nord Revival now broadcasting on 603 kHz

Now we are finally on the air on 603 kHz - the original Radio Nord channel - from Sala. The power is reduced at the moment due to adjustments being made to the aerial and the SWR is not optimal.

Radio Nord Revival programme schedule June 30, 2012

All programmes are in Swedish unless otherwise stated. Time is SNT/CET. For GMT/UTC please deduct two hours.

08.00 Nordmorgon med Sten Hedman

09.00 Bakgrunden till Radio Nord med Ingemar Lindqvist.

10.00 A la Carte a la Chris med Chris

10.30 Den verklige pionjären Nils Erik Svensson med Skånes Radio Mercur intervjuas.

11.00 De Tio med Gert Landin

12.00 Mum for men med Larsan Sörenson

13.00 Melodiposten med Lars Grünberger

15.00 "Välkommen i land". Direksändning från Kammargatan 46. Live broadcasts from the former Radio Nord premises in Stockholm. Basically in Swedish but may contain some English.

17.00 Låten från båten med Larsan Sörenson

18.00 Radio Nord Story in English by Ingemar Lindqvist.

19:00 Ron Baxley Get Together (English) American DJ who was once programme director of Radio Nord.

20:00 Topp 20 Gert Landin

21:15 Välkommen ombord nyinspelat program med Ingemar Lindqvist.
22:55 Sista timmen med slutet. The last hour towards the end at midnight as aired on June 30th, 1962

fredag 29 juni 2012

Radio Nord Revival on the air on 5895 kHz

Now on the air on SW 5895 kHz from Sala. Please write a comment to this post and tell us how you are receiving us. The aerial for MW 603 kHz has blown down - we'll let you know when this tx is also on the air.

Radio Nord Revival reception reports

You are very welcome to send us your reception reports and tell us how you are receiving our transmissions. Email reports are welcome to info (at) rock.x.se but please do not send large files as attachments which can clog up the mail account. Please use a file sharing service instead like http://www.sprend.com/ or http://www.rapidshare.com/ if you want to send large files. Or even better: send them on a CD to:

Ronny Forslund
Vita Huset
SE-17995 Svartsjö

For a QSL card please enclose return postage with your report. Email reports will be verfied with plain emails. But if you want the real thing and not just an email the QSL card below is available.

Radio Nord Revival live from Kammakargatan 46 - the former Radio Nord premises

Tomorrow Saturday, June 30th, we will be broadcasting live from Kammakargatan 46 - the Radio Nord former premises. The live broadcasts will start at 1500 SNT/CET (1300 GMT/UTC). Please note that this is not a public event like last year's Radio Nord Revival when we were broadcasting from the s/s S:t Erik and around 3 000 visitors came on board. Today there is a youth hostel at Kammakargatan 46 and as there are other guests staying there we can't possibly invite everybody to join us. But if you want to book a room or a bed at the Inter-Hostel you can naturally do so. However, the last hours of Radio Nord Revival will not be broadcast from Kammakargatan 46.

torsdag 28 juni 2012

Radio Nord Revival now on the air from Sala on 88,6 MHz

We are now on the air from Sala, Sweden with a power of 2 kW. Please let us know how you are receiving us.

Radio Nord Revival: setting up the FM rig for Stockholm 102,7 MHz

This film was made by Ingemar Lindqvist of the Radio Nord Revival Group. Be sure to visit his website Radiohistoriska Arkivet for lots of info, clips and pics of Radio Nord and other interesting stations.

Radio Nord Revival på Facebook

Ni vet väl att vi även har en Facebook-grupp? Du som finns på FB är välkommen att gå med. Adress https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/144438508950612/ eller sök på Radio Nord Revival. Pernilla B skriver följande:

Åh SNÄLLA kan inte Radio Nord Revival få spela permanent!?!? Underbart! Ryktet sprider sig som en löpeld inom raggarkulturen! SÅ härligt att få lyssna på detta!

Tack för dina vänliga ord, Pernilla. Det värmer! Men tyvärr får vi nog acceptera att det är slut snart, liksom Radio Nord stängde för 50 år sedan. Så passa på att lyssna nu - 102,7 går kanon i Stockholm!

tisdag 26 juni 2012

Radio Nord Revival FM frequency for Sala 88,6 MHz now cleared

We are happy to tell you that we have received a temporary license for a 2 kW FM transmitter from Sala, which will be on the air from the same mast as the MW and SW outlets. Our aim is to cover the cities of Sala, Västerås, Enköping and Uppsala plus a good deal of the valley of the lake Mälaren. The frequency used will be 88,6 MHz and tests can be expected soon.

Our various webstreams can be found on http://web.comhem.se/goran.lindemark2/radionord.htm

Radio Nord Revival on the air in Stockholm on 102,7 MHz

On Sunday, June 24, we installed the FM transmitter which is now putting out a great signal over Stockholm on 102,7 MHz. The transmitter is housed at the home of Göran Lindemark, one of the Radio Nord Revival initiators. Below you see the the transmitter in Göran's living room. On top an Orban Optimod sound processor, in the middle is the exciter and at the bottom the power amplifier. Licensed power is 100 watts and the aerial mast is on top of a 35 m. high building which in itself is located on a hill - one of the highest points of Södermalm in Stockholm.

Göran Lindemark in his home studio where his news service Radions Nyheter is produced. His news broadcasts are heard on many stations all over Sweden.

Radio Nord Revival's technical wizzard Bernt Nyberg, togeher with Ingemar Lindqvist setting up the aerial. Bernt owns the transmitting equipment used and he will broadcast the Radio Nord Revival programmes from Sala on MW, SW and FM. Bernt runs an engineering company offering specialized knowledge in many various fields - do check out his website if you have any special technical needs.

The word "vertigo" is definitely not in Bernt's vocabulary....

Up and running! This is a special antenna designed for circular polarization, manufactured in Italy. It is actually omni-directional albeit with a minor reduction of radiation backwards. In this case this reduction is eastwards, towards the Baltic Sea. However, good reception has still been obtained in for instance Lidingö and the Stockholm archipelago.

torsdag 21 juni 2012

Radio Nord Revival 2012

Hello everybody out there in radioland!

Yes, Radio Nord Revival will be on the air one last time to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the closure of Radio Nord on June 30th, 1962. Our license runs for two weeks from June 25 and the following frequencies will be used:

MW 603 kHz (the original Radio Nord channel) with a maximum of 2,5 kW of power from Sala.

SW 5895 and 6065kHz with 10 kW of power from Sala, one frequency at a time.

FM 102.7 MHz with a maximum of 100 W from Södermalm, Stockholm.

We have also applied for a temporary FM frequency from Sala and hopefully it will be cleared soon. We will install the transmitter and aerial for Stockholm on Sunday, June 24 and test transmissions can be expected as soon as our license period starts.

Reception reports can be sent to

Ronny Forslund
Vita Huset
SE-17995 Svartsjö

or by e-mail info (at) rock.x.se. If you want a QSL card, please include some form of return postage. E-mail reports will be verified with plain emails.

On June 30th we will be broadcasting live from Kammakargatan 46 in Stockholm where the Radio Nord studios were located. Today there is a youth hostel in the premises and anybody wanting to join us can book a room or a bed through their website http://www.interhostel.se/ More details will follow soon.