torsdag 25 oktober 2018

Thursday, October 25: Radio Nord Revival will soon be testing on SW and FM from the Waxholm Fortress

We will make a short test on SW today Thursday Oct. 25 before the regular transmissions start tomorrow Friday. Check out 5995 and 6035 kHz. You are welcome to comment in this blog how the reception is in your area.

Below our FM aerial on top of the tower at the Waxholm Fortress

Another view from the tower. You can actually see the city of Stockholm from the tower although it is several miles away so we hope to be able to reach our capital on FM 91,8 MHz. Photos by Tore Andersson, Radio Nord Revival's chief engineer on the Fortress.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Lyssnade från klockan 1621 svensk sommartid den 26 Oktober och hörde vad som sades och spelades i min Tecsun S-2000 SINPO 24232 Utsändningen försvann efter 45 minuter i störningar.

  2. Lyssnat mellan 19 - 20. Mottagare KIWI med ej optimal riktning på antennen. Svag signal men läsbar på USB, SIO 242.
    Kul att uppleva Radio Nord för oss som inte var vuxna nog att lyssna på originnalet.

  3. Hörs nu fint i Luleå, med hyfsad men varierande signalstyrka.

  4. I was happy to hear Radio Nord Revival on 6035 KHz from a KiwiSDR receiver in Iceland (near Reykjavik) from 1755 to 1745 UTC. The signal started weak (S2) at 1755 but by 1815 started to improve to S3 (out of 5) and by 1830 was S4 - a very nice signal! I tuned again at 1900 from a different KiwiSDR in Iceland (this was further west at Bjargtangar (Westfjords)). The signal was still S4 but at 1918:25, the signal suddenly dropped to S1-2 and at 1920, the carrier disappeared. I hope that the transmitter was OK! The program had some very nice music and a man announcer in Swedish. I heard several mentions of "Radio Nord" at 1859-1900. Congratulations on a successful broadcast from Waxholm Fortress! I will write a longer report for your QSL card. Best, Bruce Churchill

  5. Lyssnade i lördags på 6035 kHz vid 11:30 tiden SST. Distorderat ljud, men det blev bättre senare på eftermiddagen. Hörde inget på FM dock. QTH Vällingby. Har sänt en mer utförlig rapport som Email. 73 Per