torsdag 17 februari 2011

Radio Nord Revival from Riga, Latvia on Saturday, February 19

Radio Nord Revival will be broadcast again this Saturday, February 19,  from 21.00 - 9.00 CET over Radio Merkurs in Riga, Latvia on 1485 kHz and also on web radio Do tune in!

lördag 12 februari 2011

Radio Nord Revival on the air from Riga, Latvia

Radio Merkurs of Riga, Latvia will relay our programmes on MW at various times this weekend February 12-13. The frequency is 1485 kHz and the power 1 kW.

fredag 11 februari 2011

Radio Nord Revival testing on the web this weekend

This weekend we are testing again on the web. The music archive now comprises around 1 000 titles. We will also broadcast some Radio Nord-recordings including the official start which will be broadcast on Saturday and Sunday (Feb 12-13). We also intend to use our web broadcasts as a feed for the stations wishing to relay our programmes. We use the software Streamerp2p which is freeware. It has a great feature in that the number of listeners is virtually unlimited as each listener share a small part of his bandwith with others. Your comments are highly appreciated!

In order to listen there are now two alternatives:

1. Go to

Download the file installstreamer.exe. and install it. It's freeware and only 350 kb. It has no ads or spyware. When you have activated the software you will under "List" see the stations currently active. Go to Radio Nord Revival and double-click the name. After a while, sometimes up to several minutes, you will hear us.

2. Another alternative for those of you who are using Internet Explorer.

Go to:

Here you will find a list of active stations. Find Radio Nord Revival. To the right you will see a blue and a purple symbol. Klick on the purple symbol and accept that a small software is downloaded. In a while you will hopefully hear the merry sound of Radio Nord streaming out of your computer or web radio.

tisdag 1 februari 2011

The Radio Nord tour

Several activities are being planned to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the start of Radio Nord and two dates to focus on are March 8 - the day on which the station was officially launched - plus the weekend of May 27-29. Further information will be published continously.

The "Radio Nord Tour" will tour Sweden and Åland from March 23 - April 8 with female performers Lill-Babs, Ann-Louise Hanson and Siw Malmkvist who all had hit records on Radio Nord. Also participating in this tour is is Jan Kotschack, author of the book 'Stick iväg Jack' (Hit the road, Jack) who will tell the story of the station.

23/3 Västerås konserthus
24/3 Växjö konserthus
26/3 Alandica Åland
27/3 Alandica Åland
29/3 Gävle konserthus
30/3 Konserthusteatern Karlskrona
31/3 Vara konserthus
2/4 Folkets hus Skellefteå
3/4 Idun Umeå
5/4 Konsert & kongress Linköping
6/4 CCC Karlstad
7/4 Lorensbergsteatern Göteborg
8/4 Konsert & kongress Uppsala

This anniversary logotype has been created by Jonas Larsson who did the layout for the book 'Stick iväg, Jack'.