tisdag 1 februari 2011

The Radio Nord tour

Several activities are being planned to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the start of Radio Nord and two dates to focus on are March 8 - the day on which the station was officially launched - plus the weekend of May 27-29. Further information will be published continously.

The "Radio Nord Tour" will tour Sweden and Åland from March 23 - April 8 with female performers Lill-Babs, Ann-Louise Hanson and Siw Malmkvist who all had hit records on Radio Nord. Also participating in this tour is is Jan Kotschack, author of the book 'Stick iväg Jack' (Hit the road, Jack) who will tell the story of the station.

23/3 Västerås konserthus
24/3 Växjö konserthus
26/3 Alandica Åland
27/3 Alandica Åland
29/3 Gävle konserthus
30/3 Konserthusteatern Karlskrona
31/3 Vara konserthus
2/4 Folkets hus Skellefteå
3/4 Idun Umeå
5/4 Konsert & kongress Linköping
6/4 CCC Karlstad
7/4 Lorensbergsteatern Göteborg
8/4 Konsert & kongress Uppsala

This anniversary logotype has been created by Jonas Larsson who did the layout for the book 'Stick iväg, Jack'.

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