lördag 3 mars 2012

Radio Nord Revival testing on the web this weekend

Starting on Saturday, March 3, Radio Nord Revival will be testing on the web. For further details check out http://web.comhem.se/goran.lindemark2/radionord.htm
On March 8, the grand opening of Radio Nord will be streamed as it was broadcast on the same date 51 years ago. Just like we did last year on SW and MW.
We will be back on the air on MW, SW and this time also on a special FM frequency for the Stockholm area on June 30, commemorating the close-down of Radio Nord 50 years ago. Further information will be published in this blog.
There are still a few listeners who have not received QSL cards for the reception reports they have submitted. I regret this but the remaining batch of QSLs will be sent out very soon. The QSL manager recently got back from hospital following a surgery and is gradually recovering. Sadly we have also received a few reports which are obviously faked and they will not be verified. There have also been some reports containing no evidence at all that it really is our station you have heard. However, all correct reception reports will definitely be verified. Thank you all for your interest and your support. We hope you will join us at the end of June 2012.

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