onsdag 16 juli 2014

Radio Nord Revival from The Castle, Vaxholm

Radio Nord Revival is coming back live once again! We will be broadcasting from The Castle off Vaxholm, Sweden on Saturday, August 23. This is in connection with the big Radio Day, arranged by Täby Sändareamatörer. Below is a view of our temporary QTH.

We will be broadcasting on MW 1512 kHz from Kvarnberget, Vallentuna, using 1 kW of power. In addition, the programmes will be relayed from Sala over a 10 kW SW transmitter using A3H modulation plus a 5 kW rig which will operate in the 75 m.b. There are also plans for a low-powered SW transmitter broadcasting from the actual Castle.

This location is historically interesting as it was from here that the very first broadcast in Sweden was made on September 1, 1919, using the facilities of coastal radio station Vaxholm Radio. A number of journalists had been invited to listen to speech and music from Vaxholm at the premises of Telegrafverket (the Telegraphy Board), Brunkebergstorg in Stockholm. This day, August 23, marks the 100th anniversary of Vaxholm Radio.

As usual, a number of Radio Nord veterans will be participating in the event. If you happen to be in the Stockholm area, you are welcome to join us. You can go to Vaxholm by boat or bus from Stockholm and there are boats for The Castle from pier 9 (kajplats 9) in Vaxholm, for details check out the time table.

Our SW frequencies have not yet been cleared but we will be back with further details as soon as we have received the license. Welcome to join us  for another dose of pure radio nostalgia. If you are on Facebook you are welcome to join our group Radio Nord Revival.

Detailed programme (in Swedish) for the Radio Day.

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