lördag 16 augusti 2014

Frequencies now cleared for Radio Nord Revival 2014

Our frequency application to the PTS has now been approved and we will be using the following frequencies:

MW 1512 kHz from Kvarnberget, Vallentuna. Licensed power is 2,5 kW but we may only be using 1 kW. Antenna height is 37 metres.

SW 3915 kHz from Ringvalla, Sala. Licensed power is 5 kW and the antenna height is 12 metres.

SW 5810, 6065 and 9295 kHz from Ringvalla, Sala. One of the frequencies will be used at a time. Licensed power is 10 kW and the antenna height is 12 metres.

SW 5770 and 6220 kHz from The Castle, Vaxholm. Licensed power is 0,5 kW and the antenna height is 12 metres. At the moment it is not clear what transmitter that will be used. This is a one-off chance to catch a broadcasting signal from The Castle - the place where the first broadcast ever in Sweden was made on September 1, 1919.

Test transmissions will be made prior to the live broadcasts from The Castle and further information about these transmissions will be made here as soon as we switch on. Please comment in our blog how you are receiving us. As usual, written reception reports can be sent to

Ronny Forslund
Radio Nord Revival
Vita Huset
17995 Svartsjö

Return postage in the form of $ or IRC's is much appreciated.

We wish you a good reception. Anybody is welcome to join us at The Castle on Saturday, August 23. If you are in the Stockholm area, you can get to Vaxholm by boat or bus and then there is a boat from Pier 9 in Vaxholm. For travel information please check out www.sl.sewww.strommakanalbolaget.se and www.waxholmsbolaget.se.

Radio Nord Revival is a part of the big field day which is arranged by Täby Sändaramatörer.

9 kommentarer:

  1. Thrilled to read that shortwave bc from Sweden is still kind of alive, especially on a frequency as traditional as 6065 kHz. Will try to pick a signal up here in northern Germany.

  2. Testing on the Internet:

  3. Hello from Fallbrook, California! Hearing R. Nord Revival on 6065 KHz from a Perseus receiver site in Placanica Italy (E. of Messina) at SINPO 34433 - tuned at 0344 to 0413 UTC. Very nice music and Swedish announcements. R. Nord ID at 0349 and an announcement by man "CQ, CQ, CQ. Radio Nord calling Radio Bulgaria" at 0355. Bruce Churchill (bruce.churchill@parsons.com).

  4. Also hearing you at SINPO 44333 from a Perseus receiver site in Benidorm, Spain (SE part of country near the Med. coast) from 0435 tune in. Even better signal than from S. Italy. Another Radio Nord ID at 0448 by man with frequencies. Bruce Churchill.

  5. 6065 kHz from 05:20 to 06:04 UTC using a Sony ICF2001D, using an un-tuned dipole antenna (north-east).

    6065 kHz from 06:05 UTC using a Silver XF-900 and its built-in telescopic antenna, SINPO 43543 (some interference from RHC Cuba on 6060 kHz, but it's getting better).

  6. Received transmission on 6.065 kHz from remote SDR receiver in the Netherlands on 22 August; transmission was again received on 9.295 kHz/USB , this time using a Tecsun S-2000 with 13-metre elevate 1/4 wave aerial in Malaysia. Ecstatic to hear your nostalgic broadcast of Oldies from Sweden!!!

  7. You have 45444 in the middle of Germany , Eton E 3 and Degen 31ms magnetic loop antenna at 17:32 utc . Excellent work and best 73

  8. Silver XF-900 and its built-in telescopic antenna, SINPO 43543 (some interference from RHC Cuba on 6060 kHz, but it's getting better).

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