söndag 1 juli 2012

Radio Nord revival soon live from Södermalm, Stockholm

The time is 15 minutes after midnight in Stockholm and we will soon start broadcasting live from the location at Södermalm where we have installed the FM rig on 102,7 MHz. Give us a ring and tell us about the reception in your area. You might even have some memories of Radio Nord that you want to share. The number to call is +46 8 658 55 09. Within Sweden just dial 08 - 658 55 09.

4 kommentarer:

  1. 102,7 hörs bra i Liljeholmen med transistorradio inomhus.

  2. A big thank´s to all of you who made this retransmission possible.
    I have enjoyed every minute. And managed to squeeze out a tear at midnight - when I was emotionally moved by solemnity.

    But I can still here you (9.35 UTC)

    Looks you are still on the Web. For how long ?
    (I wish you could go on for ever - I just enjoy it)

    Regards from
    Andres ÖREGRUND

  3. Hej, satt på terassen här i Malmö och lyssnade via min Grundig 1400 PRO och 10 - 60% signal.
    Datum: 1/07 kl. 1600- 1730 CET.
    Roy Sandgren
    Malmö Sweden

  4. Skulle vilja höra låten BoogieWoogie Stomp med Albert Ammons från -41 (tror jag)