torsdag 5 juli 2012

Radio Northern Star relay over the Sala SW transmitter

Starting on Friday July 6th 0330 UTC/GMT (0530 Norwegian Time/CET) we will be relaying the programmes of Radio Northern Star in a long test transmission on Shortwave 5895 kHz (reserve frequency 6065 kHz) in the 49 meter band with a power of 10 kW. This test will last until Saturday morning July 7th at @0600. Reception reports are welcome to

Radio Northern Star
Box 100
NO-5331 RONG

Email may also be used: .

For listeners outside Scandinavia we would also like mp3 recordings of the transmission, but please do not send large files as attachments to emails. If you want to send large files, send them on a CD to the address above. Be sure to include return postage if you'd like regular mail replies. Correct reports will be answered by QSL-letter. Please send them to the address above, not to Radio Nord Revival.

Radio Northern Star is also available via the company website  as well as iPhone/iPad/iPod touch,- and Android apps. In addition, listeners may access the good sounds of the station format "Favorites, Flips, Flops and Rarities" in iTunes, Windows Media Player as well as on many other platforms.

Good listening on-The Northern Star -The Worldwide Norwegian!

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  1. Lyssnade i bilen, en MB Sprinter på väg till malmö fred. EM, bra signal.
    Roy Sandgren, malmö