tisdag 25 maj 2010

Update: MW transmissions postponed

After talks with Södertörns Radioamatörer it has been decided to postpone the transmissions on MW 1584 kHz from the ship as some fire alarms earlier had been activated from the signal put out by the ham rigs. The plan is now to find another location for the MW transmitter and transfer the programmes either via HF link or the web from the s/s S:t Erik. We expect to make at least one test transmission before the regular programmes next summer. Meanwhile, we invite you all to listen in this weekend. You can listen to our webstream directly or via Skärgårdsradion 90.2.

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  1. Hej, sändningarna går via Skärgårdsradion på FM samt över dab+ nätet i Stockholm, Uppsala och Gävle. Varje sändare har en radiuus på 70 -80 km