söndag 30 maj 2010

Radio Nord reunion on board the s/s S:t Erik

Yesterday, on Saturday May 29, we had the pleasure to see a number of Radio Nord veterans on board the S:t Erik. Many interviews were made and the Radio Nord news department was well represented, with former newsreaders Kjell Bergström, Seve Ungermark, Lars Branje and Lars Nestius attending. Also former receptionist Solveig Algeskär and technician Kenneth Agehed payed us a visit aand author Jan Kotschack presented his book Stick iväg, Jack, A great day with many memories. Here are a couple of video clips filmed by Ingemar Lindqvist during the day. Do visit Ingemar's website Radiohistoriska Arkivet where you will find lots of radio nostalgia, articles, rare programme recordings and more.

In this first clip you can see Seve Ungermark, Kjell Bergström, Lars Branje and Lars Nestius. Lars Branje also does a news broadcast.

The next interview is with Lars Branje.

Part two of this interview:

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