fredag 28 maj 2010

Radio Nord Revival is now broadcasting from the S:t Erik

We are now doing test transmissions on the web from the temporary radio ship s/s S:t Erik. Just go to  , download the file installstreamer.exe and install it. It is freeware and just 350 kb big. Also, it contains no ads or spy wares. As you start the programme you will see a menu with a list of the available stations.Double-click on 'Radio Nord Revival' and soon you will hear the programme. You can mail us at with your requests and comments. Tomorrow our transmissions will also be relayed by Skärgårdsradion 90.2  MHz.

This is Göran testing the equipment:

The former ice-breaker S:t Erik. Weather has been quite good today and tomorrow will be even better. If you're in the Stockholm area, come down and see us and take a good look at the museum ship at the same time. There is also a cafeteria on board so you can relax with a sandwich and a cup of coffee out on deck.

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