fredag 29 juni 2012

Radio Nord Revival live from Kammakargatan 46 - the former Radio Nord premises

Tomorrow Saturday, June 30th, we will be broadcasting live from Kammakargatan 46 - the Radio Nord former premises. The live broadcasts will start at 1500 SNT/CET (1300 GMT/UTC). Please note that this is not a public event like last year's Radio Nord Revival when we were broadcasting from the s/s S:t Erik and around 3 000 visitors came on board. Today there is a youth hostel at Kammakargatan 46 and as there are other guests staying there we can't possibly invite everybody to join us. But if you want to book a room or a bed at the Inter-Hostel you can naturally do so. However, the last hours of Radio Nord Revival will not be broadcast from Kammakargatan 46.

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