fredag 29 juni 2012

Radio Nord Revival reception reports

You are very welcome to send us your reception reports and tell us how you are receiving our transmissions. Email reports are welcome to info (at) but please do not send large files as attachments which can clog up the mail account. Please use a file sharing service instead like or if you want to send large files. Or even better: send them on a CD to:

Ronny Forslund
Vita Huset
SE-17995 Svartsjö

For a QSL card please enclose return postage with your report. Email reports will be verfied with plain emails. But if you want the real thing and not just an email the QSL card below is available.

2 kommentarer:

  1. A 2:24 min recording made in Gent , Belgium at 19:09 UTC SINPO = 33233 , 30 june 2012
    , Panasonic RF-B40 (Portebal) half broken 6.5 mhz home made dipole. Here is the download link to pick up the 32kb audio mp3 file of 756 kb

    73 from ONL 11708 Herman , Gent - Belgium

  2. ps a lot of QSB and QRM at 19:09 UTH like this afthernoon and a very weak signal 19:45 utc