tisdag 26 juni 2012

Radio Nord Revival on the air in Stockholm on 102,7 MHz

On Sunday, June 24, we installed the FM transmitter which is now putting out a great signal over Stockholm on 102,7 MHz. The transmitter is housed at the home of Göran Lindemark, one of the Radio Nord Revival initiators. Below you see the the transmitter in Göran's living room. On top an Orban Optimod sound processor, in the middle is the exciter and at the bottom the power amplifier. Licensed power is 100 watts and the aerial mast is on top of a 35 m. high building which in itself is located on a hill - one of the highest points of Södermalm in Stockholm.

Göran Lindemark in his home studio where his news service Radions Nyheter is produced. His news broadcasts are heard on many stations all over Sweden.

Radio Nord Revival's technical wizzard Bernt Nyberg, togeher with Ingemar Lindqvist setting up the aerial. Bernt owns the transmitting equipment used and he will broadcast the Radio Nord Revival programmes from Sala on MW, SW and FM. Bernt runs an engineering company offering specialized knowledge in many various fields - do check out his website if you have any special technical needs.

The word "vertigo" is definitely not in Bernt's vocabulary....

Up and running! This is a special antenna designed for circular polarization, manufactured in Italy. It is actually omni-directional albeit with a minor reduction of radiation backwards. In this case this reduction is eastwards, towards the Baltic Sea. However, good reception has still been obtained in for instance Lidingö and the Stockholm archipelago.

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  1. I've been listening for two days now, while driving to work. The signal on 102.7 MHz is stable in western Stockholm/Solna, despite the P4 Tx on 102.5.
    I wish the comute took longer with such a good entertainment!