söndag 29 maj 2011

Radio Nord Revival switching to 41 metres on SW

Good morning, dear radio friends. The dawn of a new radio day.... If you happen to be in Stockholm there is also a big vintage car parade at Djurgården close to where we are and there is a lot to see. It's still raining but let us pray for better weather son. Are there any anti-rain dances?

As for our SW transmissions, Bernt will switch over to 7485 kHz at 1000 CET/SNT (0800 UTC) and at the same time the SW antenna will be lowered a  bit. This is the same antenna that was used for 6060 kHz and still on the same altitude. It is possible that this has affected the radiation lobe on SW. Yesterday, listeners in central Sweden had great difficulties hearing us. Please monitor all three frequencies in the 41 mb and let us know whether any of the alternative frequencues are free. And do keep on posting your reception reports.Thanks, the Radio Nord Revival team.

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  1. Vilka tre frekvenser på 41 m används? Hittar ingen info...

  2. SW TX on air on 7485 KHz 10 KW.
    Alt fqs are 7320 and 7360 KHz. Let us know if we need change fq.
    MW 603 KHz on air 1 KW.

    Transmitter site Sala

  3. Listening at 0815 GMT 110529 on both 1512 and 603 kHz.
    S9 sigs on 1512 but a lot more noice here than on 603 (sigs S5 but very good reception)
    Using FT847 and FD4 up 15m on a hilltop in Tumba/ SM0LQB

  4. I listening now on 7485 kHz via NL8811's Perseus server at Boven-Pekela, Netherlands (Lat: 53.04328N Lon: 6.93924E). Antenna is T2FD 13m agl. SINPO 45434.

    /V-M Anttila ( Kello, Finland )

  5. Good signal on 9940 when I tuned in at 0805 UTC. Went off to make a cup of tea and you were gone! 41 metres not as active here in North Yorkshire at the moment.

    Ian Biggar

  6. 7485 kHz LSB at 0830 UTC S5-6 in Central Germany. Antenna ALA1530 active rx loop.
    73 Harald

  7. Now
    7485khz S5-6
    1512kHz S7-8

    73 de SM0JZT Tilman Kungsängen/Stockholm Sweden

  8. At my own location ( Kello, Finland ) with NRD-535D and ALA100 loop antenna (7x3m) Radio Nord Revival is coming now with S4 signal on 7485 kHz. SINPO 35444.

  9. 7485 khz now getting better here in North Yorks, England. At 0840 SINFO 24323. Using vintage Grundig Satellit with telescopic aerial.

    Programming running behind the webstream.

    Ian Biggar

  10. 0845 UTC - very faint music occasionally heard on 7485, 41m band very quiet here.


    nr Chorley, NW England, ICF-2001D with indoor wire

  11. SIO 454 i Limhamn, Malmö, på 7485 kHz med Perseus och Wellbrook ALA-100. För sent på dagen för 603/1512 kHz, tyvärr...

  12. Now 0855z S3-4 in Espoo,FIN. SDR-IQ+ALA100 (3x7m).
    73 TK

  13. 7485kHz at 0855UTC via Perseus server at Zaanstad, Holland (4.816944,52.439167) with ALA1530 antenna 50m off the ground. SINPO 43444.
    /V-M Anttila (Kello, Finland)

  14. Fair reception here in southern England this morning from tune-in at 0850 UTC. SIO 243
    73s Dave

  15. Radio Nord Revival signal report R5 S9 at locatiion KP13JU on 12:04 local time (0904 UTC). Crisp quality, no QRM. Very slov QSB.

    Playing of Vivaldi's Spring just stopped.

    TU. OH6NT / Thomas

  16. Forgot to say: Antenna 1/4 lambda GP for 40 m, RX FT-897D. QRG 7485 kHz.

    de OH6NT

  17. Good Monring,

    I have a strong singal on 7.485 khz there is some QSB but its stronger than yesterday on 7.360 khz

    SINPO = 33323 09:42 h UTC
    QTH Gent
    RX Panasonic RF 840
    Ant Dipole 40 mb SW - NE 5 m high

    73 Herman

  18. To all people of the Radio Nord Revival team. I like to thanks you for the nice radio fun I did get to hear you. Aldo I don't understand Swedich I do understand some times a word or two but that's all.

    I think the people in Sweden will have the same problem if we talk are Dutch and in Flanders we have a other dialect that the people in The Netherlands don't have and some dos also not understand us

    I have made 2 short wave recordings one yesterday and one right now. You will find them later as a download on my home page like the one of march the 8 th

    Thank you all and best 73

    We have sunine and 16°C in Gent a pitty you have the rain that we need here so very hard
    are grounds need a lot of rain. Can you send some over by short wave ? haha

    Herman from Sunny Gent in East Flanders, Belgium

  19. 7485, 1512 & 603 nothing :(
    Raisio, Finland

  20. Rick,

    I hear 7.485 khz but its much weaker now than about 30 min around 10:15 UTC is was very strong and 1 min later alot of QRM and no signal. Singal is weak I hear it a lot of QSB

    QTH Gent , Belgium

    73 Herman

  21. Now very veak audio on 7485LSB
    Bad reception conditions today.

    "HF Propagation
    May 29 0905 UTC
    Solar flux:101 no change
    A Index:36 no change
    K Index:5 no change
    Forecast: Blackouts
    < 10MHz: Poor
    10-20MHz: Poor
    20-30MHz: Poor"

    Raisio, Finland

  22. Reception on 7.485Kc/s at 11:55UTC,
    SIO 353, Receiver: „NRD 525G“ mit GS3-SE
    actice antenna.
    Location: Sangerhausen, East part of Germany.
    Nice to receive you on a sunny
    Sunday afternoon.


  23. Only 7485 kHz now can be listed, but very-very weak signal, SINPO: 15441
    Receiver: Grundig YB 400
    Antenna: built-in telescopic rod
    Reception site: Riga, Latvia

    Do you have transmissions, beamed to the Baltics and Russia?

  24. Skrunda, western part of Latvia
    SINPO 35333 with telescopic rod

  25. Ni hörs fint här ute på östra sidan av Gotland nu söndag eftermiddag kl 15.
    7485 kHz ca S 6-7 och på 1512 kHz hörs bärvågen, men signalstyrkan kommer säkert upp fram emot aftonen. Det gick fint på mellanvägen igår kväll!

    Jättekul initiativ. Tack till alla!

    Erik på Ljugarn

  26. To the studio

    Thanks I just hear my name and my radio rapport great at 13:04 hour UTC (15:04 h local time)

    73 I hope that you make a recording to with a better signal like I do on weak signal now on 7.485 khz but I did hear my name in the QRM , QSB my ears are still relly good he haha

    Herman , Gent - Belgium

  27. You have a booming signal on 1512 at Gålö former torpedoboat-base south of Stockholm.
    I have been listening from 12 to 15 SST. on the a n old transmitter: 15W KV sändare M/39 (from 1939)and a 7m lv-ant. Keep on transmitting!

    I can also hear you on 7485 with great difficulties due to QRM.

    Stellan (SM0LQB) sm0lqb@yahoo.se

  28. Har hört och njutit alla tre dagarna på 1512, jag har både hunnit stryka skjortor, och packa kappsäck när jag lyssnat på min Grundig Concert Boy 240- hörbarheten nästan SINPO 5:or och gillar att, som man gjorde i gamla dar, hann både lyssna och göra annat samtidigt. CW Englund, Danderyd( 10 km norr om Kgl Hufvudstaden

  29. Hallo Radio Nord,

    Yesterday on 7360 KHz SINPO 454444

    Now I listening on 7485 kHz via Telefunken receiver ELK 639 at Amersfoort, Netherlands. Antenna is New ALA1530L from Wellbrook.
    direct to Nort Nort East. SINPO 45434.

  30. Ganska bra här i västerås på 495

  31. Here is a little curious information about the distribution of Radio Nord Revival broadcastings from the icebreaker Sankt Erik at Djurgården, to the different AM-transmitters around Sweden and the webbradio.

    The audio were processed to a 128 kbps mp3-stream at Göran Lindemarks laptop at Sankt Erik, then streamed through a Internet connection provided by Telenor to a Centova Cast Shoutcast mp3-streaming server in Southfield, Detroit in United States.

    At Southfield Detroit, it was a first point for the redistribution of the broadcasting to the different AM-transmitters around Sweden and the webbradio-listeners.

    When Göran disconnected from Sweden, the Centova Cast Shoutcast-server was playing backup-files, and manually started prerecorded shows.