onsdag 25 maj 2011

Radio Nord Revival shortwave frequencies approved

We have just received the following frequency allocations from the PTS:

41 metre band
7320 kHz: 08:00-11:00, 13:00-18:00

7360 kHz : 08:00-16:00

7485 kHz: 06:00-22:00

31 metre band
9340 kHz:  06:00-22:00

9930 kHz:  06:00-22:00

9940 kHz:  06:00-22:00

Times are Swedish Summer Time (SST/CET) which is UTC + 2. Power will be 10 kW and QTH is Sala, Sweden. These are frequencies available for use and an exact transmission schedule will be published prior to starting. Our sincere thanks to Ingemar Larsson of TERACOM for helping us with the frequency coordination.

11 kommentarer:

  1. Are these times Swedish time or UTC?

  2. More than ONE SW on air at the same time??

  3. No, Roy. It says "These are frequencies available for use and an exact transmission schedule will be published prior to starting."

  4. Ronny B Goode25 maj 2011 19:50

    The times are Swedish Summer time which is UTC+2. Yes, the SW rig will alternate time and frequencies and we will get back to the details before we start.

  5. Thanks Ronny. I see the exact schedule has nwio been published, so I will put this in the Media Network blog.

  6. Where has the exact schedule been published Andy? On this page I only see the allocations, and the note that the exact schedule will be posted shortly.

    Earl Higgins, St. Louis USA

  7. There isn't an exact schedule published yet but I am waiting for details from the SW site and all fresh info will be published in this blog.

  8. I hear a weak signal on 7360 kHz in Gent (Belgium) but im not sure ho it is. And I also have QRM from my PC I think ?

    But I listen online

  9. Har signal på 7360 kHz, S3-S4, men programmet
    svenska nyheter, ej Radio Nord. Vad menas?
    Jämfört med premiären är signalen mycket dålig,
    antennproblem månne?

  10. Stadig signal på 7360 i mälardalen. Men vilken tråkig musik! Finns det inget annat att spela än Vivaldi?

  11. Date: 28th May 2011
    Time: 1900-2100 UTC
    Freq: 9940 kHz
    QTH: 25kms South West of London [England]
    Sinpo: 44333
    Comment: Reception was suffering much more from band interference but still very enjoyable to be able to hear the 10kW transmissions from Sala in Central Sweden

    Nick Sharpe