torsdag 19 maj 2011

Former Radio Nord staff gathering at Radio Nord Revival weekend

The Radio Nord Revival weekend of May 27-29 is fast approaching and the following members of the Radio Nord staff have sofar confirmed that they will be attending the event on board the s/s S:t Erik:

Lars Branje, newsman and DJ
Seve Ungermark, newsman
Kjell Bergström, editor-in-chief
Björn F Höijer, editor-in-chief
Christina von Schrenk, Miss Radio Nord.
Nils Stertman, ordinary seaman on board the Bon Jour

Film producer Johan Sköld will also present his brand new documentary about Radio Nord and the film will be available for sale on board.

We are still trying to locate further members of the Radio Nord team and hopefully we will be able to add some names to the list soon. Live broadcasts with our guests from Radio Nord will start at 1200 Swedish local time/CET (1000 UTC/GMT).

Radio Lidingö have confirmed that they will relay Radio Nord Revival on May 27-29 each day at 1200-1500 Swedish time/CET. Their frequency is 97.8 MHz and they can also be heard on the web. We expect other stations to relay parts of our transmissions as well and we will publish details about such relays as soon as we get the information.

We will be on board the S:t Erik from 1000 Swedish time on Friday 27. Welcome to visit us and please help us to spread the message about Radio Nord Revival in any forum you like.

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