torsdag 24 mars 2011

Håkan Widenstedt of the Radio Nord Revival team has died

We have received the tragic news that one of the key members of the Radio Nord Revival team, Håkan Widenstedt, sadly passed away on Monday, March 21. Below is a message from Bernt Nyberg:

I have today spoken with Bengt Meijer, manager of the Teracom shortwave station in Hörby. He confirms that the man who died while working in one of the transmitter masts is our friend Håkan "Xfielder" Widenstedt. Obviously he was sitting on a platform some 60 metres up in the mast dismantling one of the curtain antennas when he suddenly raised and fell down. The security equipment worked and he remained hanging a few metres below the platform. His colleagues instantly brought him down from the mast but his life could not be saved. It is believed that he may have been struck by sudden illness but that has as of yet not been confirmed.

Håkan was very interested in Radio Nord and offshore radio in general. He has been of great assistance with frequency planning for our project, contacts with the licensing authority and antenna calculations. When we finally got on the air on March 8, he sent me loads of short clips of our SW transmission recorded at the Hörby broadcsating station.

I received his latest email at 1007 on the day he died. He told me that he was very busy working with the dismantling of the Hörby broadcasting station and he asked if I was still interested in further radio experiments. "It would be very interesting to hear what ideas and plans you have for the future". He concluded his mail by "I'll get back to you, don't have time to write anything more right now".
What has happened is indeed tragical and it feels most sad that we have now lost a true enthusiast and friend.
Bernt Nyberg

As Bernt writes, Håkan played a very important part in the success of Radio Nord Revival as he was responsible for the frequency planning and also designed the shortwave antenna used. We will carry through the project as planned with further transmissions coming up on May 27-29 but it is indeed sad that Håkan is no longer with us and can be part of the project. Thank you for everything, Håkan, and rest in peace.

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  1. Tillåt mig att framföra mina kondoleanser till hans familj och släkt och vänner och också er i anledning av Håkan Widenstedts bortgång. :(

  2. Roy Sandgren30 mars 2011 23:56

    Beklagar bortgången av min radiovän Håkan Widenstedt som jag lärt känna i över 20 år.
    Speciellt en tanke till hans 2 döttrar som stod honom nära.
    RIP Håkan.
    Roy Sandgren Malmo Sweden

  3. Till minne av Håkan har jag gjort en film om honom som ni kan se här:


  4. RIP Forever Hakan. Thanks for the good times, memories and music. Steve Ball, Stoke-on-Trent. UK.