onsdag 9 mars 2011

Radio Nord Revival QSL

Many of you have asked whether we will verify reception reports and naturally, we will do that! This project is run by radio enthusiasts so we very well understand the importance of a QSL. After all, your observations and reception reports are very valuable for us so it is a courtesy of thanking you for your efforts.

The number of reception reports has been impressive and they still keep on coming in. Keep'em coming - we would very much like to hear how YOU could pick us up at your location. You can mail your reception reports to ronny@ronnybgoode.se There has been a couple of old email addresses which have bounced so  this is the one to use. Also, please write a comment in this blog about how you could hear us, where you are - and, not least: what you thought of the programme.

Reception reports by good, old-fashioned regular mail ('snail mail') can be sent to:

Ronny Forslund
Radio Nord Revival
Vita Huset
SE-17995 Svartsjö

A printed QSL card will soon be available. Return postage in some form will be appreciated, either stamps, International Reply Cupons or $. If you are satisfied with an e-mail confirming your report we will gladly respond as time permits. However, I don't really see the point of sending a scan of a QSL card including personal details and reception information via email. If you want a QSL card, wouldn't it be better to have the real thing delivered to your letterbox? Besides, scanning each and every personal QSL just to mail them to you seems a bit overdone - it just adds extra amount of work. It's so much quicker to just put a real QSL card in the letterbox. But of course we will gladly respond with plain e-mails to each and every e-mail report.

Thank you so much for your interest in our Radio Nord Revival project. Your support have made it all worthwhile. We will be back soon - do check out this blog for updates.

6 kommentarer:

  1. What happened to the MW transmission on 1512 KHz?

  2. Coming up on Saturday 12. We used low power yesterday from another location.

  3. Hello,

    I will send you a post card from my city of Gent as a Reception report + € 5.00 for return post as soon as possible

    On my web page you http://users.telenet.be/offshoreradio/ can download a mp 3 recording that I did made here in the Nord West of Gent on a Panasonic RF B40 portable shot wave radio and a 1/2 home made dipole fro 6.5 mhz about 4 meters high (hor point ZW-NE)

    the signal was weak and till around 15:30 h UTC that it was very strong but a other station cam on air so the fun was over

    73 from Herman

  4. Can You please post a transmitting schedule.
    So we do not have to listen to all that noise. ;-)

    73 George

  5. Could you inform in your blog about your current schedule? I couldn't listen to you on Tuesday (I was at work) and perhaps you have broadcasts at the weekends?
    73's! Artur

  6. There will be one more transmission this month, on Saturday, March 12. Further details coming up shortly.