söndag 6 mars 2011

Test transmissions on SW coming up soon....

Bernt Nyberg of Sala reports that the aerial for the SW transmitter will have to be moved as it was probably the fact that the antenna was located too closely to his workshop that caused the transmitter to shut itself down.

The aerials for both SW and MW will now be moved out into a logging coupe some 150 metres from the house and if everything goes well test transmissions could take place in the evening on Monday, March 7. We should be on the air as planned on March 8 at 0848 UTC/GMT (0948 CET). Below a pic of the SW transmitter. It is a Collins 208U-10-A with exciter TD90 from Swedish SRT.

10 kommentarer:

  1. OK, Jay Epae med 59+30 på 6060 exakt nu (12.31 utc)! Perfekt modulation... Puti-puti!

  2. Strong signal heard here in Germany on 6060 kHz now at 1250 UTC. Very good modulation. 73 Harald DL1ABJ

  3. Now at 12.58 UTC on 6060 I noted SINPO 45433 in Veurne in the Western part of Belgium.
    Nice Signal!
    Hugo Matten, Belgium

  4. Hello from Cottbus (eastern part of Germany, 120km south east from Berlin, near Polish border),

    the signal at 13:00UTC was small but at 13:10UTC fair. My receiver is a DE1103 without extern antenna. Please watch my video reception report on YouTube.


    All the best from Cottbus,

  5. Thanks a lot, my friends! Good to hear we are coming through. Later tonight MW 1512 kHz will also be tested.

  6. Hi, unfortunately a weak signal in Switzerland. SINPO 25332. The signal varies from +12 to +30 dBµV with rather fast Fading. Just happened to tune over the bands and on 6060 kHz I heard Elvis at 1248 UTC, Helen Shapiro at 1258 and "Med allt nytt i ton och ord... lyss- ... at 1302 UTC. I'm still hangin' in here at 1340 UTC. I'm listening with my PC with Dream Software in LSB 2.5 kHz BW.

  7. New video with ID at 13:30UTC. Many thanks for entertaining afternoon.


    best wishes,

    Ralf from Cottbus (Germany)

  8. SINPO 44344 in Moscow at 1345 UTC, better in LSB

  9. Hello, just to let you know your station was heard in western NSW, Australia, from 0800 UTC with commentary by a man, later some music. Poor reception, as your signal was long-path, measured the frequency as just a few Hz below 6060, running carrier and LSB. Wish reception was better but it's still good to hear Sweden on shortwave again! 73s, David Sharp.

  10. P.S. This was obviously for the 8 March broadcast.

    73s (again) from David Sharp, NSW Australia