fredag 11 mars 2011

Programme schedule for Radio Nord Revival Saturday, March 12

Preliminary programme schedule for Saturday, March 12:

Radio Nord Revival with music, jingles and commercials from original Radio Nord tapes will be broadcast overnight, starting in the evening on Friday 11 as soon as the transmitter has been adjusted and we have maximum signal. All times are in UTC/GMT- for CET/SNT add one hour.

Special programmes (all programmes in Swedish unless otherwise noted):

08.05 The background of Radio Nord, presented by Ingemar Lindqvist 57:00

09.05 De Tio (original recording from Radio Nord).

10.05 Interviews with Radio Nord veterans made by Ronny Forslund on board the s/s Sankt Erik in May, 2010.

12.05 Radio Nord Story by Ingemar Lindqvist in English.

12.40 Interview with Raya Ravell made by Ingemar Lindqvist

13.02 Mum for men show. Original Radio Nord show presented by Larsan Sörenson.

14.05 More interviews with Radio Nord veterans on board the s/s Sankt Erik, interspersed by music from the days of Radio Nord.

15.02 Låten från båten.

16.05 Alla tiders De Tio presented by Ingemar Lindqvist.

18.05 The true pioneer of commercial radio, Nils-Erik Svensson, interviewed by Ingemar Lindqvist and Kenneth Andersson. He started Skånes Radio Mercur in 1958.

18.30 Topp 20

20.00 Välkommen ombord presented by Ingemar Lindqvist

22.02 Former Head of News at Radio Nord, Björn F Höijer interviewed by Ronny Forslund in 2010

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