måndag 14 mars 2011

Harmonic from Radio Nord Revival

As some of you have noticed, Radio Nord Revival was putting out a signal on the third harmonic of 1512 kHz, 4536 kHz, this weekend. This was due to technical troubles from a relay of the low pass filter. Therefore, the transmissions were stopped earlier than planned not to interfere with any radio services on this frequency. We take this problem seriously and the next time we will see to it that no harmonics at all are produced by using a very efficient low pass filter. On the positive side, the transmitter on 1512 kHz has had a great frequency stability and was on 1512,0001 kHz all the time which is an accuracy not often achieved by broadcasting stations. So we must have done something right :-)

Thank you all for your reception reports and comments. This is most helpful in planning upcoming broadcasts. Some of you have also sent in a small contribution to the project in addition to the return postage and we are very grateful for that. This is a project run by enthusiasts - for enthusiasts.

We are now looking forward to the transmissions on May 27-29. If you have any suggestions and ideas how we can improve our programmes, please let us know. Creative ideas are welcome! Do leave a comment in this blog. You can also mail us at ronny@ronnybgoode.se

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  1. May I ask if you had already sent all the eQSL's. I've sent you my report by e-mail one week ago but not yet received any reply. Maybe it has lost in spam? But of course I understand that there is a lot of reports to be confirmed! However Good Luck with transmissions in May - hope to hear them too!