torsdag 3 mars 2011

Temporary broadcasting license received

We just got the confirmation from The Swedish Post and Telecom Agency (PTS) that our application for MW 1512 kHz and SW 6060 kHz has been approved. On March 8 at 0848 UTC/GMT (0948 CET) we will start by broadcasting the opening of Radio Nord just as it was aired on this date in 1961. We will also make some short test transmissions on these frequencies before our regular programme starts.

If you catch our signal please comment in this blog and let us know how well you can hear us in your area. QSL cards will be available later.

10 kommentarer:

  1. Looking forwarded to hear something here in the UK but it will have to be later in the day.

  2. Nowadays 1512 is a clear frequency in dark hours. Reaching all europe???

  3. On 8th March 1961 I was in Stockholm, in bed with the flu, and I enjoyed Radio Nord's first day on air and the following days immensely. On 8th March 2011 I am in Switzerland and I will do my best to listen to the Revival (at least on 6060 kHz) and remember old times.

  4. Yes, this will be pure radio nostalgia for many of us. The fq 6060 kHz should penetrate quite well over Europe in daytime as it's free from powerful transmitters. On 1512 we only have Tyrone Community Radio in Ireland plus some low-power Balkan stations so the fq is quite free here.

  5. Här i Uppsala, grannstad till Sala hörs 6060KHz fint. Jag lyssnar i bilen med en IC706MKIIG antenn för 80 och en AH4. Jag lyssnade mellan 9.40 och 10.15 med god behållning, lite qsb och lokalt brus. Läsbarhet 5, interference mycket lite, noice lite, propagation bra, overall bra.
    Fortsatte lyssna på i-net även där 59 (HIHI)
    Men... var tog MV signalen på 1512 vägen? Hörde inte ens tillstymelse till signal.
    /SM5MEK Jan-Erik Östlund

  6. Hej
    Oj vad rolig nostalgi!!
    Lyssnar just nu på 6060 med snabb QSB, men signal väl över S9. På 1512 hördes den mycket svagare runt kl 1135SNT men nu QRT. QTH här är Knivsta inte långt bort.
    När kommer "Broddmans Broddmans" och "Duralex-det håller"-reklamerna??
    Tack för bra initiativ. 73 de Janne SM5DJZ

  7. Skaplig lyssning på 6060 men stark QSB och en del QRM från rysktalande station. Nil på 1512. Rx Sony 2001D med inomhus tråd.
    SM5DFM (Uppsala)

  8. Norbert Reiner from Karlsruhe (Germany)
    Dear friends, at the moment I listen to Radio Nord Revival on 6060 kHz and enjoy the nice songs from the 50ties(?), at the moment instrumental orchestra musics. Will send you a full detailles reception report.
    Good success, Norbert

  9. Good signal here in Kiev, Ukraine on 6060 kHz. But blocked by Turkmen service of Radio Liberty from 1600 till 1800 UTC.
    Best wishes! 73s!
    Alex ULX2.

  10. Hej.

    Vilken Nostalgi!Lyssnade kl.10.15 s9+30db.
    Det spelades då En sjömansvisa av Anders Börje.
    SM7DDR Jan i Målilla